Universidade de Lisboa PhD candidate develops an energy systems model to decarbonise transportation in Brazil

Tatiana Bruce da Silva, Bizibrains Okpeh

Artwork: Dr Cécile Girardin
  • Shared mobility can play a very important role in decarbonising transportation. If we use transportation more effectively, increasing passenger capacity within vehicles, we will need fewer vehicles, less energy will be consumed, resulting in fewer carbon emissions.
  • Shared mobility is also important to improve the efficiency of transportation. But shared mobility needs to be well regulated so that it can complement public transit instead of substituting it.
  • The use of renewable fuels both in transportation and electricity supply. Investing in renewable fuels, e.g. solar and wind power, while using the remaining hydropower capacity as a backup generation, is necessary to keep Brazil’s electricity mix one of the cleanest in the world (renewables supplied more than 80% of electricity in 2019) and to completely decarbonise its power supply.

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